Moscow Oil & Gas Center

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Ernst & Young has an enviable reputation and strong client base in the oil and gas sector both globally and in the region. We have achieved this by recognizing that our clients, while operating in the same industry sector and sharing similar opportunities and challenges, may have quite different agendas. Increasingly we see that, as the CIS regional market matures, our clients are looking to Ernst & Young to help them manage their business risks in order to protect and enhance the value of the business to their stakeholders.

The Ernst & Young Oil & Gas Center in Moscow brings together the people and ideas that help energy companies successfully address the complexities of today’s global oil and gas business. We bring together a global network of energy professionals that can work closely with our clients to develop coordinated approaches to managing risk, optimizing performance, and increasing your operational effectiveness, while bringing you insights into the major trends that impact your business — both now and in the future.