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На русском языке

This year, the Forum was held from 22 to 24 May under the theme of “Sustaining confidence in a world under transformation”.

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is a unique venue where world leaders can discuss current political challenges, such as restoring balance to promote economic growth, the shifting balance of forces in the world, the political environment and emerging challenges, and the management of new breakthrough technologies.

Business Networking Platform

Биржа деловых контактов EY At the forum, EY organized a Business Networking Platform – a specially-designed and thoughtfully organized area that ensures the comfort and privacy necessary for high-level meetings. It was the fourth time that this format was used at the forum to provide a comfortable and well-organized information space for meetings, as well as quick access to EY studies and news.

The Forum’s index

Last year EY developed a specialized system to monitor the coverage of the Forums’ topics in social networks, blogs and online media. The Forum’s index provides a graphic representation of the interest in the Forum’s topics in the online environment. The automatic system analyses the intensity of the coverage of the Forum’s issues in online media in Russian and English. The choice of words and phrases to be monitored is determined in accordance with the Forum’s business program. The real-time index was available at the Forum’s website.