News releases – 2013

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December 2013

Eurozone moving away from crisis mode but long-lasting scars will remain
Frankfurt, 20 December 2013
Despite signs of renewed growth across the Eurozone deep scars of the recession are likely to remain for years to come. While 2014 will be the first year of positive growth since 2011, as a result of an export recovery and easing of austerity measures, growth will remain low for the foreseeable future, according to the winter EY Eurozone Forecast (EEF).

2014 to be a record year for Global IPOs, building on strong momentum in 2013
London, 17 December 2013
Global IPO activity should remain on a firm footing in Q1’14, following a strong uptick in listings in the last quarter of 2013 to close the year with a total of 864 deals raising around US$163.0b, according to EY Global IPO Trends: Q4 2013. 

Politics polarizing global renewable energy attractiveness
London, 13 December 2013
While energy affordability is becoming a major political issue in the mature markets, the emerging markets are becoming increasingly attractive to renewable energy investors looking for stable policy environments according to EY’s latest quarterly Renewable energy country attractiveness index (RECAI), released today. 

Banks to increase lending to SMEs in Europe despite the AQR
London, 12 December 2013
The outlook for banks across Europe is much brighter for 2014 according to the EY European Banking Barometer.

Global technology M&A deal value surges in Q313 to ‘post-dotcom-bubble’ record on renewed deal-making confidence
New York, 10 December 2013
An unusual mix of deal drivers came together in the third quarter of 2013, spurring big-ticket deal-making and driving global technology M&A deal value to a post-dotcom-bubble record, according to EY’s Global technology M&A update: July – September 2013.

Organizations that develop cross-disciplinary, diverse teams perform better – but lack of “inclusive leaders” hinder success
London, 3 December 2013
An overwhelming majority (84%) of business executives say that their organization’s ability to develop and manage teams will be essential for future competitiveness, according to a global EY survey.

November 2013

Structural change tops bank boards’ agenda but universal model here to stay
London, 25 November 2013
Structural reform is the top board priority for a third of banks and ranks in the top three priorities of 90% of the boards of Globally Systemically Important Banks (GSIBs).

Deal volume reaches two year high as power and utilities transactions rebound
London, 22 November 2013
The global power and utilities (P&U) transactions market rebounded in Q3 2013 with deal volume increasing 25% on the back of growing confidence in the global economy according to EY’s quarterly Power transactions and trends report released today.

Global oil and gas capital expenditures rise despite decline in profits
London, 20 November 2013
Worldwide capital expenditures among oil and gas companies increased 13% in 2012 despite relatively flat upstream revenues and a decline in upstream profits.

Emerging Asian market slowdown forces strategy rethink for global consumer brands, but region remains critical for growth
London, 12 November 2013
Despite recent reports of slowing growth, emerging Asian markets remain critical to the long term performance of consumer products (CP) companies. 

Global executives resuscitate flat-lining M&A as more than a third look to do deals
London, 7 November 2013
Almost 70% of global executives expect deal volumes and deal sizes to improve over the next 12 months, according to EY’s ninth bi-annual Capital confidence barometer, a survey of 1,600 senior executives in more than 70 countries.

Declining growth trend in rapid-growth markets, structural reforms needed to realize potential
London, 6 November 2013
A weak outlook for domestic demand in rapid-growth markets (RGMs), and subsequent weaker trade flows are expected to drive their GDP growth down next year.

October 2013

Cyber-crime is greatest global threat to organizations’ survival today
London, 31 October 2013
With information security functions not fully meeting the needs in 83% of organizations, 93% of companies globally are maintaining or increasing their investment in cyber-security to combat the ever increasing threat from cyber-attacks, according to a new survey released by EY today.

Insurers “only playing at the digital game”
London, Moscow, 30 October 2013
Insurance companies have high digital ambitions but have failed to take action and embrace the digital world, according to EY’s ‘Insurance in a digital world: The time is now’ survey, launched today.

Companies with strong “business partnering” between the CFO and the supply chain leaders report stronger results
London, Moscow, 25 October 2013
A global survey of CFO’s and supply chain leaders by professional services organization EY, finds that companies with evidence of strong “business partnering between the CFO and the supply chain leaders report better results than those with a more traditional finance model in place. 

Deposits are growing and lending set to recover but AQR looms large for Eurozone
London, 18 October 2013
The return to growth in the Eurozone economy is fuelling a recovery in key drivers of profitability for financial services, with companies looking to borrow again and cash flow for households and businesses has improving.

REITs continue their global growth, says new EY report
New York, Moscow, 16 October 2013
Real estate investment trusts (REITs) expanded their share of global transaction activity in the sector in the first six months of 2013, but the pace of that activity is likely to drop off through the balance of this year and into 2014

EY reports 2013 global revenues of US$25.8 billion
London, 10 October 2013
EY today announced combined global revenues of US$25.8 billion for its financial year ended 30 June 2013. This represents 7.7% growth over the previous financial year in local-currency terms - EY’s fastest growth since 2008. Revenues grew 5.8% in US dollar terms. All EY’s service lines and geographies continued to grow revenues and headcount despite uneven market conditions in many parts of the world.

Strongest quarter for European Private Equity buyouts since 2010
London, Moscow, 8 October 2013
As the deal pipeline starts to materialize, the European Private Equity (PE) buyout market saw a surge in deal values in the third quarter with 119 deals completed and €19.7b in value in Q3 2013, the highest value since Q4 2010 and up 129% compared with the €8.6b recorded the previous quarter.

Global IPO activity slows in Q3 but set for uplift in coming months
London, Moscow 3 October 2013
Global IPO activity fell in Q3 2013, with projected activity set to reach nearly 200 deals with IPO proceeds of around US$24.4b, according to EY’s latest quarterly Global IPO Trends Report.

September 2013

Asset Quality Review will extend Eurozone’s banking pain beyond expected trough in 2013.
London, Moscow, 23 September 2013
Recession, unemployment and lower real incomes continue to represent a major challenge to financial services across the Eurozone, according to EY’s Eurozone Financial Services Forecast.

EY #1 professional services employer – and #2 overall – in World’s Most Attractive Employer ranking
London, Moscow, 18 September 2013
This rating is based on the preferences of almost 94,000 business students from the world’s top academic institutions in the largest twelve economies by GDP.

August 2013

Entrepreneurs call on G20 to stimulate job creation and growth
London, 27 August 2013
With many countries continuing to face high levels of unemployment and challenges in economic growth, EY’s G20 Entrepreneurship Barometer 2013 calls on governments, ahead of the G20 Leaders Summit next week, to collaborate with entrepreneurs in order to kick-start their economies and create jobs. The barometer follows the EY report, Avoiding a Lost Generation, which was launched at the Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit in Moscow in June.

Global cleantech industry grows by value and size, despite challenging market conditions
London, Moscow, 15 August 2013
Despite challenging market conditions, the key indicators of population and financial performance of public pure-play (PPP) cleantech companies show signs of improvement according to EY’s annual Cleantech industry performance 2013 report, released today.

Commodity price rise needed to trigger mining & metals deal flow
London, 12 August 2013
M&A and capital raising activity by mining and metals companies globally during January – June 2013 (1H) remained very subdued, pointing to the third consecutive year of declining deal volumes for the sector.

July 2013

Increased focus on risk management and improving transfer pricing skills in emerging markets are top priorities, new report indicates
London, 25 July 2013
According to EY’s 2013 global transfer pricing survey, Navigating the choppy waters of international tax, 66% of companies identified risk management as their highest priority for transfer pricing, up 32% from the same survey conducted in 2010.

Investors retreat from rapid-growth markets but medium-term outlook is positive
London, 17 July 2013
A weak recovery in trade and investment across rapid-growth markets will keep the outlook in 2013 subdued, according to EY’s quarterly Rapid-growth markets forecast (RGMF) out today.

EY announces 509 new partners worldwide
London, 12 July 2013
Mark Weinberger, Global Chairman and CEO of EY says, “I would like to congratulate all our new partners for 2013. We have exciting times ahead of us with a big ambition for our organization. Our new partners have a vital role to play in leading EY on our journey.

Macroeconomic trends and a slow growth rate pose greatest threat to insurance industry
New York, 11 July 2013
As insurers adjust to a new environment of lower asset returns and stricter regulation, macroeconomic trends and a slow growth rate top the industry’s risk agenda, according to a new report released by EY Business Pulse: Exploring the dual perspectives of the top risks and opportunities in 2013 and beyond.

Fresh blow to M&A as it enters triple dip recession – global value drops under US$1t for the first time since 2009
London, 11 July 2013
Despite hopes that M&A would move into a new growth phase earlier this year, it has now entered a triple dip recession in terms of value since the peak of the market.

Muted optimism as European banks continue their rehabilitation
London, 10 July 2013
Banks across Europe are viewing the next six months with muted optimism according to EY’s European Banking Barometer. Fewer banks expect to have to resort to central bank funding and, although cutting costs remains high on the agenda, the pressure on job cuts is abating.

EY became a partner of the Russian – Korean Economic Forum
Moscow, 9 July 2013
EY became a member and a partner of the Russian – Korean Economic Forum which was held on 3-4 July 2013 in Vladivostok.

Mark Weinberger becomes EY Global Chairman and CEO
London, 2 July 2013
EY announced today that Mark Weinberger has become Global Chairman and CEO. The professional services organization also announced the adoption of EY as its global brand name, unveiled a new logo and adopted Building a better working world as its purpose.

Global IPO window opens in Q2 as economy improves and mega-deals rise
London, 1 July 2013
Global IPO activity steadied in Q2 2013, with projected Q2 2013 IPO activity to achieve approximately 195 deals with IPO proceeds of around US$46.4b, according to Ernst Young’s Global IPO update. So far this quarter, there have been 151 IPO deals which raised US$34b.

June 2013

Private equity exit activity hampered by uncertain economic climate
London, 24 June 2013
Private equity (PE) exit numbers dropped in Europe last year to 61 from 2011’s total of 85 according to Myths and challenges – How do private equity investors create value?, Ernst & Young’s annual study of European PE exits.

Changes in tax regimes are reshaping investments in oil and gas
London, 20 June 2013
Despite the uncertainty in the current global economic environment, the continued imposition of taxes on income from oil and gas operations remains a certainty.

Despite challenges Russia’s highly skilled workforce continues to attract foreign investors
Moscow, 20 June 2013
Russia’s highly skilled workforce, growing consumer market and vast resource reserves continue to attract investors from all corners of the globe according to EY’s third annual Russia Attractiveness Survey.

Access to funding top imperative for G20 entrepreneurs
London and Moscow, 17 June 2013
As economic recovery remains fragile in many G20 countries and youth unemployment levels continue to rise, Governments are increasingly looking to entrepreneurs and start-ups to kick-start economies and provide sustainable growth.

Renewable energy enables power to the people revolution
London, 4 June 2013
A new era is dawning in the renewable energy industry. Energy demand, natural resource, technology costs, access to finance and global competitiveness are identified as the key influences for investors, according to the tenth anniversary edition of the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI), released by EY.

Global technology M&A value grows 58% but deal volume falls 12% year-on-year in Q1 2013
New York, 3 June
The aggregate value of all disclosed value deals grew 58% year-on-year (YOY) to US$36.4b, according to EY’s Global technology M&A update: January – March 2013. Deal volume fell 12% YOY and 5% compared with the previous quarter to 661 deals.

May 2013

Mining and metals M&A: confidence up but deals lag
London, 27 May
Mining and metals companies are more confident in the global economic outlook than six months ago but remain cautious when it comes to pursuing acquisitions, according to EY’s latest six-monthly Capital Confidence Barometer – Mining & Metals.

Chinese outbound power and utilities M&A poised to take off in 2013
London, 24 May
Despite deal value decreasing US$2.3b (8%) from US$27.6b in Q4 2012 to US$25.3b in Q1 2013, the first quarter of 2013 indicates a robust starting point for power and utilities (P&U) mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in 2013 according to EY’s quarterly Power  transactions and trends report.

EY holds Oil & Gas conference in Baku, Azerbaijan
Baku, 22 May
The event hosted more than 100 participants, among which were government and public officials, and top management of oil & gas companies operating in Azerbaijan.

Oil and gas transaction appetite down slightly as confidence in economic outlook grows
London, 22 May
The  bi-annual Oil & Gas Global Capital Confidence Barometer highlights that nearly half  (44%) of the 152 oil and gas company executives surveyed believe the global economic situation is improving, up from 27% in October 2012.

Global executives say M&A’s will rise, yet only a moderate increase in acquisitions planned
London, 21 May
A major rebound in confidence in the global economy among large corporates is not yet translating into expected capital investment and M&A activity, according to EY’s eighth bi-annual Capital confidence barometer, based on a survey of 1,600 senior executives in 50 countries.

Africa’s share of global FDI increases over the last five years
London and Johannesburg, 16 May
Africa’s share of global foreign direct investment (FDI) has grown over the past five years highlighting the growing interest from foreign investors, according to EY’s third Africa Attractiveness Survey.

Multinationals failing to adopt transformative payroll techniques to compete and expand in the global marketplace
London,15 May
The majority of multinationals (85%) want improvement in their current payroll practices, yet they are skeptical about whether payroll providers can deliver a comprehensive global solution. This is according to a new EY survey, Global Payroll: Myth or Reality, of 161 global senior payroll leaders.

Mikhail Romanov appointed EY CIS Telecommunications, Media and Technology industry leader
Moscow, 15 May
EY, a global assurance and advisory leader, announced that Mikhail Romanov is appointed Partner  and Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) industry leader in the CIS across all service lines, including assurance, tax, advisory and transaction services.

Weak global outlook forcing rapid-growth markets to trade with each other
London, 14 May
Loose monetary policy and quantitative easing intended to stimulate growth in developed markets, has prompted exchange rate swings that in turn could affect export competitiveness in rapid-growth markets (RGMs) according to EY’s quarterly Rapid-Growth Markets Forecast (RGMF).

Oil prices under pressure from slow growth
London, 13 May
The latest EY Global Oil & Gas quarterly outlook highlights that the uncertainty over oil demand combined with some strong non-OPEC supply growth is putting downward pressure on oil prices, which could impact investment decisions in the short-term.

April 2013

A long road ahead for women public sector leaders in the G20
London, 30 April
With one billion women expected to join the workforce over the next decade, women are rightly seen by many commentators as the next big emerging market.

Utility companies facing ever increasing regulatory burden, look to rapid growth markets to mitigate risk
London, 23 April
The traditional business model of utility companies is under threat, with a new approach needed to ensure future success according to Business Pulse: Exploring the dual perspectives of the top 10 risks and opportunities in 2013 and beyond, a new report launched by EY.

Global Venture Capital funds may turn the corner in 2013
London, 15 April
Widespread economic uncertainty and a tough exit environment saw venture capital (VC) investment fall 20% to $US41.5b and the number of rounds decline 8% to 4,970 in 2012, according to EY’s Tenth annual venture capital insights and trends report.

European buyouts down in Q1 but confidence picks up in some markets
London, 4 April
The overall value of European buyouts totaled €11.1b in Q1 2013, a 17% decrease from €13.3b in Q4 2012 and 21% below the value for the same period last year (€14.1b), according to the latest data published by the Centre for Management Buyout Research at Imperial College (CMBOR), sponsored by EY and Equistone Partners Europe.

March 2013

Diverse new supply of LNG could challenge pricing status quo
London and Houston, 28 March
A new report released today by EY, looks at the evolving market dynamics for global LNG. The “Global LNG report – Will new demand and new supply mean new pricing” indicates the near-consensus view of strong LNG demand growth over the next 10-20 years, but with a growing role for more price-sensitive buyers who are likely to be less willing to pay supply security premiums.                                       

EY Academy of Business and OPP
Moscow, 28 March
EY Academy of Business in the CIS and UK-based OPP announce their new training partnership to jointly expand business services within the emerging CIS market.

Q1 2013 Global IPO update
London, 27 March
Global IPO activity dropped in Q1 2013, according to Ernst Young’s Global IPO update. So far this quarter, a total of 118 deals have raised US$18.2b, a drop of 51% on capital raised and decrease of 41% in volume in Q4 2012. However, activity was up 1% by capital raised and 42% by deal volume, compared to the same quarter last year. A further 31 deals are expected to raise around US$5b by the end of March. 

EY to launch leadership network for elite female athletes to address unmet global need
New York, 21 March
EY has announced a new program to tap the leadership potential of elite female athletes and Olympians after their retirement from competitive sport.

A fragile return to confidence in the eurozone
Frankfurt, 15 March
With the risk of an imminent eurozone breakup now reduced, economic growth is expected to resume from mid-2013. However despite the signs of improving global business confidence since the beginning of the year many economic fundamentals in the euro area remain weak and unpredictable, according to the spring EY Eurozone Forecast (EEF).

Pricing pressure and cost cutting: top risks for business in 2013
London, 11 March 2013
As the global economic outlook remains uncertain, companies have shifted their thinking away from waiting for an upturn and are concentrating on optimizing their business by cutting costs and increasing efficiency, according to a report released today by EY.

Policy-makers deploy new tactics to create green growth globally
London, 4 March 2013
As governments seek to better manage their fiscal budgets, by taking control of their future renewable energy purchases, capacity auctions are becoming an increasingly preferred policy mechanism according to EY’s latest quarterly global Renewable energy country attractiveness indices report.

February 2013

Global telecoms operators risk losing investors’ confidence unless they overhaul their performance metrics
London, 28 February 2013
The fast-changing changing nature of the telecommunications sector is driving the need for substantive changes in the ways operators measure and report their operational and financial performance according to Metrics transformation in telecommunications, a new report by EY to coincide with the World Mobile Congress.

Institutional investors feeling positive about 2013 IPO market
London, 21 February 2013
 A new EY survey shows that institutional investors are increasingly positive about the IPO market. According to the more than 300 institutional investors surveyed in December, a vast majority - 82% - have invested in pre-IPO and IPO stocks in 2012 compared to only 18% in either 2010 or 2011.

Global mergers, Global mergers, acquisitions and capital raising in mining and metals: 2012 trends, 2013 outlook survey
London, 19 February 2013
The aggregate value of technology mergers and acquisitions declined 35% worldwide in 2012, to US$114.1b from US$175.7b in 2011, according to EY’s Global technology M&A update: October- December 2012 and year in review

54% of entrepreneurs to increase their workforce in 2013
London, 14 February 2013 
According to our latest report, Global job creation, a survey of the worlds most dynamic entrepreneurs, more than half of the 600 plus entrepreneurs surveyed said they expect to increase their workforce in 2013—with the numbers showing remarkable similarity in all areas of the world (Americas; Asia-Pacific; and Europe, Middle East, India and Africa). 

EY recognized for its sustainability services within global brands survey
London, 8 February 2013
Seventy-six percent of sustainability leaders have reported that they have information on EY’s global sustainability consulting capabilities, representing the highest brand awareness of the nine global professional services firms in the Global sustainability leaders survey: brands, by the independent analyst firm Verdantix. 

January 2013

RGMs set for 5.4% growth in 2013 but significant differences between emerging Asia and rest of the world
London, 31 January 2012
An increase in intra-regional trade, easing of monetary and fiscal policy, and higher demand for commodities will lead to an improvement in the economic outlook for the rapid-growth markets (RGMs) in 2013, according to EY’s quarterly Rapid-Growth Markets Forecast (RGMF) released today. 

Robust outlook for 2013 power and utility deals after a decline in 2012
London, 31 January 2013 
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) values within the power and utility (P&U) sector during 2012 declined by 16.8% (US$120.4b, compared with US$144.7b in 2011), according to EY’s quarterly Power Transactions and Trends report, released today. 

The AEB performed conference “Recent Developments in the Regulatory Environment for Russian Banks with Specific Focus on the Basel Recommendations”
Moscow, 30 January 2013
Frank Schauff, AEB Chief Executive Officer, commented, "This conference is organized to draw attention to political significance of the Basel implementation in strengthening banks’ transparency and improving risk management.” 

Record year for global oil and gas transactions in 2012
London, 24 January 2013
According to EY’s Global oil and gas transactions review, oil and gas transactions recorded a staggering US$402b in 2012, representing a 19% increase compared to 2011 (US$337b). 

Conference  “Recent Developments in the Regulatory Environment for Russian Banks with Specific Focus on the Basel Recommendations” to be held on 29th January 2013
21 January 2013 
The AEB and EY are pleased to announce a senior level conference “Recent Developments in the Regulatory Environment for Russian Banks with Specific Focus on the Basel Recommendations”. 

Better times on horizon for steelmakers who survive 2013
Sydney, 21 January 2013
Steelmakers will need to focus on restoring and maintaining value to survive 2013 and position for growth in the future, according to a new EY report, Global steel: A new world, a new strategy

BRICs face competition as globalization creates new emerging players
London and Davos, 21 January 2013
Despite weak growth in 2012 and an uncertain economic outlook in many markets for 2013, globalization is still increasing among a majority of the world’s 60 leading economies according to the EY’s annual globalization report, Looking beyond the obvious: globalization and new opportunities for growth. 

Short-term "fast cash” more of a priority for sellers than longer term strategic priorities
London, 17 January 2013  
Nearly 50% of divestments in the past two years were driven by a need for a quick cash injection rather than to achieve a longer term strategic objective, according to a new report from EY.