Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Academy

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Research shows that the CFO role at today’s leading companies is evolving. Alongside their traditional mandate to provide financial insights and analysis, CFOs describe a greater involvement in supporting and even developing strategy, guiding key business initiatives. CFOs must be versatile individuals with the talent to meet a continually changing set of circumstances. Today’s CFOs must still attend closely to cash flows, controls, costs and risk. At the same time, they continue to seek profitable growth — both in mature markets and in those that hold the promise of rapid growth. CFO Academy aims at helping CFOs and their successors to expand their knowledge and master their skills vital for success in their strategic role.

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Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Academy
(pdf, 348 Kb, 7 pages)

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8 days / 64 academic hours64 CPD units / 56 СPE credits

Required level of preparation
Higher economic
or financial education, 3+ year experience as a Head of financial Department or as Financial Department Head Deputy.
Who should attend
  • CFOs and their successors, heads of economic planning and finance departments, chief accountants and their deputies
  • Finance executives who are interested in the growth of business value as well as who influence the development of strategy and consult non-financial executives (tops) in the assessment of the financial implications of operational and strategic decisions.
  • The program will also be of interest to holders of international qualifications such as ACCA, CFA, CIA, CPA, candidates and PhDs.



The main objective of the program is to help CFOs in their role of CEO’s strategic business partner.
During the program participants will find answers to the following questions:

  • What strategies help companies to succeed in the market: whether it makes sense to reduce costs, or to increase them?
  • How to choose optimal external sources of financing depending on the economic situation in the market: recession, trough, recovery and peak?
  • How can CFOs help executives without financial background in their decision making process?
  • How to apply strategy to operational level?
  • How to present the financial results of the company to Board of directors and investors? How to make your presentations effective and achieve your goals?
  • How can knowledge of human psychology help to improve your personal effectiveness and effectiveness of your team?


Why is it important to participate?
  • CFO Academy is a forum where one can obtain new information and  share experience.
  • CFO Academy trainers are experts in finance, strategy and leadership development.
  • CFO Academy is highly interactive and includes case studies, discussions, individual and group work.
  • CFO Academy participants will attend round tables, regularly organized for EY VIP clients on hot topics.
  • The modular format of the program allows participants to apply knowledge and skills they learned between the modules of the program.