How we can assist in your IPO process

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EY provides services at all stages of preparing for an IPO and transforming your company from closed into a public entity. Our professionals will act as auditors or reporting accountants, consultants, as well as provide transaction advisory services, consultations on tax and legal matters and business advice.

Our integrated approach to IPO includes four stages, each with its own goals, tasks and timeframe:


EY's professionals will perform diagnostics of your company's readiness to meet the IPO requirements and will work out a medium-term program (12-24 months) for transforming it into a public company. Diagnostics includes an assessment of the following key aspects of a company's operations:

  • Strategy
  • Structures
  • Taxes
  • Timeline
  • Financials
  • Leadership
  • Functions
  • Systems

Restructuring and reorganization

At this stage of IPO preparation, EY’s professionals will provide advisory and/or transaction support services in the following key areas of a company's operations:

  • Pre-IPO transactions
  • Business valuation
  • Formulation of business plan
  • Financial modeling
  • Sale of non-core assets
  • Consultations on tax issues
  • Company restructuring/reorganization
  • Management compensation programs.

Holding an IPO

The third stage deals with IPO regulatory and stock floatation requirements. At this stage, EY will work with investment banks and other advisors to maximize the efficiency of the IPO transaction and will provide the following services*:

  • Preparation of an audit opinion
  • A review of financial statements
  • Comfort letters
  • Assistance in financial statements
  • Long-form, working capital report**
  • Review of other procedures agreed on with investment banks
  • Tax opinion and comments on the prospectus
  • Assistance in preparing an MD&A and an investment memorandum.

* For audit clients, some additional services may be limited.
** As a rule, for primary listing on the LSE.

Current listing obligations and capitalization growth

The fourth stage addresses the regulatory requirements set for public companies and the maximization of the market value. At this stage EY will provide business advisory services with regard to the following*:

  • Corporate governance
  • Consolidated financial reporting
  • IT systems
  • Internal control over the financial reporting process and disclosures
  • Internal audit and risk management systems
  • Improvement of financial performance
  • Effective personnel management.

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