• About EY’s Global Government & Public Sector

    How to build a world that works better for citizens and government.

  • Talent acquisition for a government of the future

    The “government of the future” requires the right talent in middle and upper management to drive effective decision-making and new service delivery models.

  • Citizen Today: April 2016

    The latest edition of Citizen Today is out now. The magazine explores how governments can create lasting legacies in an ever more unpredictable world. To access the content, and download the latest print edition, visit our new Citizen Today website.

  • Citizen Today: December 2015

    The pace of change offers great opportunity for progress. In this issue, we explore how governments can change in order to meet today's big challenges.

  • Citizen Today: August 2015

    The edition looks at how Detroit recovered from bankruptcy, the role of small businesses in India, the re-emergence of public-private partnerships and more.

  • Dynamics: Shaping agendas, changing lives

    This edition covers European development aid, new approaches to student financing, women’s entrepreneurship, the fight against poverty and more.

  • Citizen today: G20 special edition

    In this edition of Citizen Today, we highlight some of the key issues global leaders will address in the upcoming G20 summit.

  • Building better budgets

    Effective budget institutions are key pillars of any country’s public financial management system (PFM). We outline our global PFM capability and services.

  • Building a better retirement world

    Few countries have implemented pension and retirement solutions that sufficiently account for fundamental demographic changes. How can governments ensure the financial well-being of retirees?

Government & Public Sector

Offentlig verksamhet

Offentliga sektorn har levt med ett stort omvandlingstryck i flera år. Klimatförändringar, urbanisering och en åldrande befolkning resulterar i att verksamheter och arbetssätt behöver omprövas och utvecklas för att delvis finna nya lösningar. Globaliseringen och teknikutvecklingen är andra trender som innebär utmaningar men som också ger möjligheter.

Vi är väl förtrogna med den offentliga sektorns förutsättningar. Vi erbjuder stöd i utvecklingsarbetet samt för att finna lösningar.

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Navigating disruption without gender diversity? 
Navigating disruption without gender diversity?

Disruption and gender diversity are two of the biggest topics facing business leaders today. Both issues are critical to the future of every industry. And they are closely connected.


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