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Where do you start if you want to disrupt your business and protect it at the same time?

IoT cybersecurity maturity assessment

The assessment is suitable when you are evaluating the introduction of IoT, products, solutions or services or when you are an active user of IoT and would like to have an independent assessment of your IoT cybersecurity capabilities.

The assessment can be scoped and adjusted according to your budget and need and can last between 2-6 weeks. The top-down approach can be supported by technical vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to assess the technical cybersecurity controls in place across the IoT infrastructure.

Please watch what Tim Best has to say about cybersecurity maturity assessment..


How can organizations continue to grow while decreasing cost of compliance and controls?

Enabling compliance and process optimization through SAP GRC

The role of automation in reducing costs and enabling the more effective use of resources has been widely recognized as a key success factor to managing compliance while adding value to the business. However, many companies have not been able to implement this principle effectively. Developing a clear road map with “quick wins” and strategically leveraging GRC technology to enable its implementation continue to be a challenge and an opportunity.

GRC technology can be leveraged to enable, integrate and optimize their risk management functions and processes, while focusing on supporting strategic objectives and creating value. GRC technologies successfully transform risk performance levels by:

  • Automating and standardizing processes and controls
  • Embedding and maintaining one single version of risk and control data
  • Managing holistic views of risk and compliance exposures
  • Generating dynamic and real-time risk and control intelligence and reporting
  • Analyzing risk-driven indicators and exception-based decision making
  • Escalating via workflow through different levels of the organization
  • Real-time reporting and monitoring of risks creating a foundation for strategic objectives.

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