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Nordic China Business Service

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Do you want to ensure that your next steps in the East will be successful? Is your company entering China or Asia?

Our Nordic China Business Service assists Nordic companies doing, or planning to do, business in China and other parts of Asia to reach their best potential.

In addition, we also provide services to Chinese and Asian companies that are entering the Nordic countries.

Let EY be part of your team on your way to the East.

One-stop shop
Our experienced Nordic Asia experts are part of our global China Overseas Investment Network that connects EY’s specialists in over 40 countries in the world.

We provide a seamless and high-quality service for your expansion in Asia. We act as a one-stop contact point that connects all service areas. Our team will be tailored to your company needs.

As we have Asian expertise and persons who know the business culture and speak the local language, your Asian subsidiaries will get the best possible service.

Visit the China Overseas Investment Network for more information.