Impact: September 2013

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Entrepreneurial businesses account for over half of all employment in most G20 economies. Still, there's great potential for revenue and job creation growth - if entrepreneurs, governments and corporations can work jointly to address critical social and economic issues. In our latest G20 Barometer report, we highlight the recommendations based on our survey of 1,500 entrepreneurs.

Beyond the pursuit of growth, having a keen oversight of risk and reporting is central to business success. Our special report offers new audit insights that are top of mind in boardrooms globally. We also highlight the key actions for better risk management specific to the asset management industry.

For globalizing companies, data protection remains as a key risk. How will the advent of big data and a decentralization of data change everything? How are policy makers leveraging technology to strengthen public services? Read two of our latest quarterly magazines for perspectives on these concerns.

In addition, we look at how public cleantech companies are faring despite a challenging year, and where M&A deals concentrate in the technology sector.

Lastly, join us at our seminars as we discuss ways to manage fraud risks and address cross-border tax issues, among others.

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EY - Max LohMax Loh
Managing Partner, Asean and Singapore

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