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With increasingly discerning and digitally empowered consumers, delivering truly customer-centric experiences must become a norm.

Commercial banks are challenged to embrace digital technology to advance service delivery as customer loyalty declines, based on our inaugural Global Commercial Banking Survey 2014. Insurers, which face high customer turnover, are faced with the challenge to rebuild trust in relationships and rethink their distribution strategies.

To do it right, leveraging data analytics to target the right channel at the right market segment will be key. The pervasive use of digital platforms will warrant a more mature framework to manage cybersecurity. Inside-out risk management will no doubt be critical for business continuity, according to a new report on risk cultures in banks. As well, we share our latest hedge fund survey which shows that growth is back in focus in the asset management industry.

The new EU legislation, introduced to strengthen auditors' independence and tighten controls on risky behaviors, will impact the compliance requirements for companies operating in the EU.

Last but not least, we present you with the latest trends in the capital markets across Asia-Pacific to enable you to stay ahead when managing your capital agenda.

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Max LohMax Loh
Managing Partner, Asean and Singapore

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