Impact:  April 2013

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The uneven pace of economic growth in different regions continues to challenge businesses, regulators and policy-makers.

The Eurozone remains carefully watched, and there's little doubt that the financial services sector is a large influencer of its recovery. Our latest Eurozone Forecast report shares deeper insights. In a new corporate banking survey, we highlight why banks have to go back to basics of achieving quality service consistency, greater stability and improved transparency to retain customers.

Meanwhile, the competition for high-quality deals remains fierce among venture capitalists. The challenge is for investors to offer a robust value proposition that not only offers good terms but post-investment support. Meanwhile, institutional investors are responding favorably to well-positioned deals, notably initial public offerings that are priced right and run by the right team.

In our annual report, Global Review 2012, we present our growth in 2012 and how we are helping to build a better working world.

Lastly, stay updated on changes in indirect taxation in more than 100 countries in a special report, and join us at our upcoming events as we discuss various topics including mobility challenges, financial reporting standards and tax issues.

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With this, I wish you a pleasant read.

Max Loh
Country Managing Partner
Ernst & Young LLP



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