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Meeting today’s auditing, financial and reporting challenges

The global business landscape is being reshaped by transformational events and trends. And that means the financial and reporting environment is also being reshaped, resulting in significant challenges for management, boards, audit committees and auditors.

We can help you understand and address today's most critical financial and reporting issues.

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    Audit Committee Bulletin, Issue 5, 2017

    EY - Audit Committee Bulletin, Issue 5, 2017

    Find out how stakeholders can benefit from the enhanced auditor’s report, and how IFRS 16 significantly changes the accounting for lessees’ leases.

    Board Matters Quarterly, Issue 2, 2017

    EY - Board Matters Quarterly - Issue 2, 2017

    How can boards make sure they stay ahead of the curve to attract the best talents for board excellence in these disruptive times?

    Rediscover ASEAN – a growth story of 10 countries

    EY - Rediscover ASEAN – a growth story of 10 countries

    Economic dynamism and significant infrastructure investments are positioning ASEAN to be the sustainable growth nucleus in Asia.

    Financial Reporting Update

    EY - Financial Reporting Update

    A one-day seminar to obtain financial reporting updates and insights into accounting changes and practical issues.