EY Board Matters Quarterly Issue 19: March 2014

Board Matters Quarterly
March 2014


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The AGM is the pinnacle of corporate governance. The board, in guiding and monitoring the company, is responsible for ensuring proper accountability, probity and openness in the company's business conduct. The scrutiny placed upon the boards of listed companies continues to intensify against the backdrop of increasing corporate governance and financial reporting requirements.

One of the articles is designed to help the boards of listed companies navigate this challenging environment. We lay out the potential areas of focus for shareholders at the forthcoming AGM against the backdrop of current market events by outlining a series of possible questions the boards should consider. We also provide additional insights and references to EY publications where they can learn more about the topics covered.

Other topics included in this issue are:

  • ACRA and ISCA Memorandum of Understanding - ACRA surveillance for financial reporting
  • Singapore Budget 2014
  • Hong Kong Budget 2014-15
  • MAS and SGX proposed measures to strengthen the securities market

Full publication

Board Matters Quarterly Issue 19: March 2014 (pdf, 9.3mb) 

Tan Seng Choon
Partner, Assurance, Professional Practice