It’s not luck that makes leaders

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What does it take to fast-track your business from inspiration, to growing enterprise, to major market force?

At EY, we know what it takes to drive sustainable growth because we’ve guided thousands of dynamic, ambitious businesses on the journey from start-up to market leadership.

Our Growth Markets network is dedicated to serving the unique challenges and changing needs of fast-growth companies around the world. We make a difference to your business by accessing and adapting our global organization’s experience, industry capabilities and resources to work for you.

Our Growth Markets professionals thrive on guiding companies through successful initial public offerings (IPOs). In fact, on average, we take a company public every business day of the year.

And, with our Growth Markets network stretching across more than 100 countries, you’ll never outgrow us. Whether your business expands across the country or across the world, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Q3 2017 Global Trends IPO Report

Global IPOs is on course for the busiest year since 2007. The 2017 full-year global IPO volume is expected to reach 1,600 – 1,700 deals with proceeds to exceed US$190b. Read more about the market outlook in our latest report.

Q2 2017 Global Trends IPO Report

With Asia-Pacific seeing the best first half in 15 years, 2017 global IPO activity is set to outpace 2016. Read more about the market outlook in our latest report.

Can shifting sands be a solid foundation for growth?

Find out how today’s fastest-growth businesses use talent and tech to drive the global growth agenda.

Q1 2017 Global Trends IPO Report

IPO activity got a brisk start in Q1 with Asia-Pacific market gains and two US megadeals leading to a record high. In Singapore, there was a recovery in IPO activity by proceeds in Q1 2017, where companies seeking growth have pursued the IPO route to scale up their business rapidly.