Singapore Budget 2014

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EY - Budget 2014: looking ahead

24 February 2014

Budget 2014: looking ahead

Budget 2014 is about accelerating the momentum of economic transformation that Singapore embarked on five years ago. And productivity has been, and will continue to be, at the front and centre of our economic transformation.

EY - New PIC+ scheme

22 February 2014

New PIC+ scheme for SMEs deserves a standing ovation

The tax changes announced in Budget 2014 fortify the efforts of businesses in their pursuit of increased productivity, which is core to quality growth. In particular, the new PIC+ scheme will enable more SMEs to take advantage of the incentive.

EY - Budget must encourage angel investors

19 February 2014

Budget must encourage angel investors

Access to finance is critical at the start-up stage for most companies. Starved of funds, the life expectancy and likelihood of success for any SME would be severely diminished. The angel investor scheme that focused on start-ups needs to be extended and its scope widened to include SMEs too.

EY - more taxation certainty

14 February 2014

More taxation certainty, please

In today’s environment where paying taxes has become not just a matter of compliance with tax regulations, but also a question of fairness and morality, having a competitive tax regime may no longer be sufficient. More certainty and clarity in the tax regime would be beneficial to taxpayers.

EY - tax hike

24 January 2014

The productivity challenge: aiming high

While a lack of awareness meant the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme got off to a slow start, more companies have begun to appreciate its benefits. The PIC scheme needs to be extended and further liberalised to ensure it stays relevant.

EY - tax hike

19 January 2014

Is a tax hike in sight?

While Singapore has enough in its coffers for social spending for now, a tax hike may be inevitable in the longer run as costs escalate. It won't be imminent, but if taxes have to be raised in future, bet on a hike in GST rather than an increase in personal or corporate income tax.

EY - keep workplace flexibility a tax break

17 January 2014

Time to give workplace flexibility a tax break

Workplace flexibility – once unheard of or seen as a luxury – is now redefining the workplace of the future. Incentives to workers and companies can help encourage flexible work arrangements.

14 January 2014

Will Singapore tax incentives meet new global standard?

The OECD is calling for greater transparency to counter harmful tax practices more effectively. Are Singapore’s incentives transparent enough to meet the OECD’s assessments and can we remain a winning investment destination?

EY - Singapore's tax code can be simplified

12 December 2013

Singapore's tax code can be simplified
As Singapore’s tax policy keeps pace with global developments, tax legislation has been continually refined or introduced, leading to a burgeoning tax code. It is time to revisit the relevance of each section of the Income Tax Act and rationalise the appropriate sections.