Turkey PE/VC Value Added Company Recipient Survey

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We are pleased to present the results of the “Turkey PE/VC Value Added Company Recipient Survey” conducted for the first time by EY Turkey in collaboration with iVCi.

The target group of the Survey were companies in Turkey which have received PE/VC investment and the Survey aimed to measure the value creation of PE/VC investments from the investees’ point of view. The Survey was delivered to more than 100 companies and participants of the Survey were shareholders and C-level executives of these companies.

The Survey results provide an additional data point for PE/VC fund managers operating in Turkey, whilst confirming that PE/VC funds created dynamism in Turkish economy by means of their contribution in competition as well as growth and PE/VC investments in Turkey will increasingly continue in the future. The significant role of PE/VC funding in above average growth and financial standard improvements of investee companies outshined in the survey.