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Climate Change and Sustainability Services

To better help you, our Climate Change and Sustainability Services are embedded across all our services, geographies and industries.

Our integrated and multidisciplinary team, drawn from our deep bench of subject matter professionals, will help you identify the right people to bring to the table and develop customized recommendations that are innovative and effective.

Visit our Global Climate Change and Sustainability Services site.

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Zeynep Okuyan Gökyılmaz
+90 212 315 3000

Richard Betts 
Senior Manager
+90 212 315 3000

Eren Özden
+90 212 315 3000

Emir Kozikoğlu
+90 212 315 3000

Yılmaz Yıldırım
+90 212 315 3000


Fraud survey shows ethics plays a key role in growth

As economic growth returns and global M&A heats up, fraud risk increases. Our
fraud survey shows why an ethical foundation is critical to success.

US GAAP and IFRS convergence

IFRS implementation continues worldwide

Visit to keep up with IFRS developments, including US/IFRS convergence activities.