Strategic Growth Forum Turkey 2013

Growing Beyond

Strategic Growth Forum, Turkey

Bridging the frontiers

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Topics included:

  • It‘s time to explore Turkey: Opportunities, risks and challenges
  • Can Istanbul be a global finance hub?
  • Attractiveness of Turkey: World economic trends & doing business in Turkey
  • Cultural aspects of doing business in Turkey: Understanding the Turkish climate
  • Women's role in business world
  • Private equities: Funding for growth - transformational power of equities
  • Eurasian view on Turkey
  • Next stage? Turkey's strategy to maintain sustainable growth
  • And other panel discussions and breakout sessions on new investment destinations, energy, consumer and trends, family business, social responsibility and IPO.

You may find the detailed forum program here.

Photos from the event and the post event highlights document will be shared as soon as possible. Any queries at all please don’t hesitate to contact us on