Think Forward

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Think Forward is a programme that intervenes early on in the lives of young people to significantly improve the prospects of those most at risk of becoming a NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). Its objective is a 50% reduction in the number of NEETs in its pilot area of Shoreditch.

Working with Impetus – The Private Equity Foundation, EY provided pro-bono support to design and develop Think Forward in 2011. Subsequently, EY financially committed to supporting Think Forward for a minimum of five years as a founding partner. We currently support five schools in London and more than 120 students.

With input from students and the Think Forward progression coach at Morpeth School, EY has developed a bespoke programme of intervention activities taking place within a business setting, which enables students to develop motivation, awareness, skills and confidence to prepare for the transition from school to employment, training or further education.

These intervention activities focus on topics such as mentoring, CV and employability workshops, and experiences of working with EY and our service providers.