Achieving potential in the marketplace

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Around the world, we help improve regulatory environments and promote transparency in financial reporting. With other capital market participants and regulators around the world, our profession actively participates in dialogue to improve the company reporting model. Our global knowledge helps inform the dialogue about relevant and sustainable financial reporting models that will strengthen global corporate governance and support effective operation of the world’s capital markets.

We welcome the opportunity to be transparent about our own operations because public company audits are vital to the strength and stability of global capital markets.  Stakeholders have the right to feel confident that we can deliver consistent, reliable, timely and quality audits.  We firmly believe that transparency makes an important positive contribution to stakeholder confidence by increasing awareness of how we operate.  Read our transparency report.

Corporate Responsibility in the marketplace for us, however, is not just about responsible behaviour in how we develop, sell and market, and deliver our services to our clients. It is about how we interact with all our external stakeholders.

We also consider how we select our suppliers to ensure they act responsibly in their own businesses.  Reducing the environmental impact and enhancing the social impact of our supply chain is an important consideration in our procurement processes.

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