Providing skills capital to grow social enterprises

The Accelerate programme was the catalyst that enabled Yes Futures to grow to a sustainable point. The workshops helped me to navigate the murky waters of all those scary business topics like tax, recruitment and profit and loss accounts!

Sarah Wallbank, Founder, Yes Futures

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The EY Foundation provides business support to social enterprises by offering access to skills capital from business coaches to workshops, networking and project support. We want to help social enterprises to grow and thrive so that they can continue to play an important role in stimulating local economies and affecting social change.

Social enterprises are vital to addressing some of the most entrenched social issues in our communities today. But the day-to-day business challenges they face are no different to those of any other entrepreneur – and that includes making money: vital to becoming a long-term force for change.

We can help more young people to reach their potential by working with social entrepreneurs. Those young people might run their own social enterprise, or be supported by one.

Sam Coniff
Social entrepreneur Sam Conniff talks about the support needed to succeed
"There is almost an expectation that because I'm a social enterprise and I'm going to do something great with the world then someone's going to give me some money to do it. That's a very unhealthy attitude..."

— Sam Conniff, social entrepreneur

Accelerate: how are we different?

Accelerate is uniquely designed to look at financial performance and operational efficiency; helping social entrepreneurs address some of the most pressing issues facing their businesses. We offer tailored guidance and support, expert tutoring and project support.

Business performance and operational efficiency

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is business expertise. We have worked directly with social entrepreneurs to design an exciting new programme tailored to these needs.

Support for the whole enterprise – access for all

We know that in order to be a true success social entrepreneurs need good teams around them. In recognition of this, we have an open access policy on our programme. This means that anyone employed by the social enterprises we work with is eligible to attend our events and workshops, bringing what they have learnt back into the business to support growth and development.

Building relationships

The EY Foundation has an extensive network of contacts across the UK, giving Accelerate members great access to business and finance experts and influencers.

Project support

Working in a dynamic growing enterprise means that time is often a barrier to progress. Our project support panel offers an opportunity to secure a business expert from across the EY Foundation network to help tackle a particular issue or growth area: delivering hands on support where it’s needed.

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