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Below is an insight into some of our workshops.

Introduction to… series

Our Introduction to... series of workshops are aimed at those with fledgling businesses or start-ups.

Turning your idea into a viable business

“The difference between success and failure lies in knowing that a great idea, a great product and a great business are three completely different things.”
(Payne, 2011)

This workshop will help you think through the processes, challenges and important considerations involved in turning your idea into a viable business.

Introduction to financial accounting

Financial accounting is the backbone of any business venture, and the first step towards better management of your finances – crucial for your business’ short term stability and future prospects.

The core of financial accounting is recording and categorising all transactions concerning the business into meaningful blocks, from which management can get a clear picture of the resources available to business and its financial performance. Our workshop introduces the basics of financial accounting.

Introduction to planning, budgeting and forecasting

An optimised planning cycle links long-term strategic plans with monthly operations forecasting, and challenges a business to align what is possible with what is probable. This workshop introduces the basics of planning, budgeting and forecasting, and provides examples of leading practice to help evaluate improvement opportunities.

Introduction to tax for your business

The majority of us are taxpayers, whether in respect of employment or investment income, and our tax deductions are generally taken care of for us. But in business the responsibility rests with the business-owner, so it is important to understand all your tax obligations from day one.

This workshop introduces the different areas of tax, including how to apply them, depending on your business structure – from sole traders to not-for-profit organisations or partnerships.

Introduction to employing people

You’re ready to start thinking about growing your business and recruiting employees; it’s an exciting step and an important one. Our workshop covers the basics needed to get the right talent on-board to deliver your strategy, while reducing risk to your business.

We review the theory and practical examples of workforce planning, defining roles and behavioural requirements, developing robust selection processes, candidate relationship management strategy, reward considerations, and on-boarding.

Introduction to pricing and profitability

You’ve identified a gap in the market and developed a product or service to fill it. However, many businesses fail to realise their full value by paying insufficient attention to the balance between price, volume and margin. Price is the most powerful driver of profitability – more so than volume or costs.

This workshop presents the different approaches to pricing and how they are practised by the world’s leading businesses. Together, we will identify the right pricing strategy for your product or service, equipping you to realise your enterprise’s commercial goals.

Deep dive series

Our Deep dive series of workshops are aimed at entrepreneurs with more established businesses.

Deep dive into book-keeping

Financial accounts tell the story of a business’ financial performance, but there is a supporting system necessary to write that story. That system is book-keeping – the mechanics of recording daily transactions, which comprise the financial accounts and maintenance of records supporting those transactions.

This workshop builds an understanding of income statements and balance sheets to explore the underlying system used to create and support those accounts. You will get practical experience processing typical day–to-day business transactions, which provides a deeper understanding of the book-keeping process.

Deep dive into managing your workforce

Want to understand how to optimise your talent to ensure your workforce is engaged and productive? Our workshop outlines some practical ways to harness the full potential of your people capital. We review theory and practical examples related to employee engagement, performance management, learning and development, and leadership development.

Deep dive into managing organisational change

Every business goes through change, but how do you know you are getting it right and setting your business up for success? This workshop introduces Kotter’s 8 step change framework, to help manage change successfully. We identify practical examples of how to apply this to your business, and look more closely at two aspects of the framework: articulating your compelling vision and engaging key stakeholders.

Pitching to win clinic

It’s a competitive world, and organisations and people need to know how to articulate their ideas in oral presentations, often as part of a formal pitch process. Our workshop challenges you to present to EY experts. You will receive real time help and feedback on how to perfect your technique, structure, value propositions (i.e., how to add value) and personal preparation.

Beyond marketing: creating a social media strategy for your business

With new social networking websites and digital tools appearing every day, tailoring your online presence can be difficult. Using case studies and our consultants’ knowledge, we help you identify your message, target audience and most appropriate tools, and create a social media strategy adapted to your resources.

We show you how to establish a base of customers and followers through regular and useful content sharing, and explain how you can use social media analytics to gain insight into your customer base and build your employer brand.

Customer service surgery

With price competition increasing and customers becoming ever more demanding, delivering excellent customer service can be crucial to attracting and retaining customers. So, what drives great customer service, and how can you deliver it consistently? Our interactive session focuses on what you need to do to delight your customers, and provides insight into how top performing organisations tackle this challenge.

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