Financial Services Advisory Consulting Programme – IT Risk & Assurance

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Our clients use their Information technology (IT) and data to gain a competitive advantage, customer intimacy and operational excellence. Today IT and data management are such an integral part of our clients' operations that even the smallest mistake or security breach can have a substantial impact on their reputation and business performance.

As a result, IT and data risk management is viewed as an integral part of a company's risk management activities, and fundamental to the success of major business transformation and improvement programmes.

Our IT Risk and Assurance (ITRA) professionals work closely with some of the world's most prestigious financial organisations on key IT issues. We assist clients to assess, remediate, transform and monitor their risk and control landscape, either as stand-alone services, or working alongside our advisory colleagues to deliver strategic change initiatives.

What will my day be like in the FS ITRA team?

The Information Technology Risk programme will equip you with the knowledge to advise clients onestablishing and maintaining effective, compliant and secure IT systems and controls to protect their business from inherent and emerging technology risks.

In your first year in the ITRA team, you may be auditing a major investment bank's foreign-exchange dealing system, helping a top UK insurance firm to assess and improve the quality of its data, or working with a global asset manager to monitor their IT security controls and reduce their exposure to cyber-attack.

What training and development will I receive in my first few years?

You'll receive formal and on-the-job training and in-house coaching relevant to your personal development, and sponsorship to undertake the CIMA Foundation course. You'll also receive the encouragement and financial support to study for an industry-recognised certification in your chosen specialist IT field as your career progresses.

What opportunities will the FS Information Technology Risk programme  open up?

From day one you will have the opportunity to work with high-profile clients across the Financial Services industry, including banking, asset management and insurance. Working on a variety of UK and multi-national projects, you'll lead teams and coach others while developing your client relationship skills. As your career progresses, you will gain exposure to our competency areas, and you may choose to specialize in one or more of them. Our three key competency areas are set out below:

IT Assurance

We work with internal and external audit teams, risk functions, IT departments and business units to monitor risk and controls and provide assurance over business processes, IT general controls and application controls. Our involvement on external financial audits is a major part of our business, and through our Financial Audit IT Integration (FAIT) solution we work closely with our financial audit colleagues to provide assurance over IT processes and controls that could impact the integrity of financial data. Rogue trader, misconduct, treating customers fairly and market manipulation,

IT Risk Transformation

Our IT Risk Transformation services enable our clients to evaluate, define, implement and manage their information and technology risk, governance and regulatory compliance programs. By enhancing IT Risk Management, our clients can manage risk, drive value, control costs, achieve compliance and executive priorities, and address business transformation challenges. We can provide assistance either in a business-as-usual context or as part of major business transformation programmes where organisations are making a significant investment in enterprise-wide IT applications.


CyberSecurity is an increasingly hot topic across the Financial Services industry. We assist our clients to assess, monitor and improve their Information Security and IT Operations functions, and react to emerging trends from cloud computing to mobile device security. We work with our clients across four core security competencies: Security transformation Management, Threat and Vulnerability Management, Identity and Access Management, and Information Protection and Privacy.

Entry requirements:

  • Grade B or above for GCSE Mathematics & English and one of the following combinations:
  • At least 320 UCAS points (not counting General Studies and re-sits) and a 2.1 degree;
  • Or 280 UCAS points (not counting General Studies and re-sits), a 2.1 degree and a Masters in IT with merit or distinction;
  • Or 280 UCAS points (not counting General Studies and re-sits) and a First degree.

Please note: in exceptional circumstances we will accept applications from candidates who do not meet our academic requirements. If this is your case, you will need to provide strong justification for why we should consider your application. You will also need to provide documentary evidence of any mitigating circumstances.

The above entry requirements are not applicable for our Schools Programmes.


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