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Assurance careers: making a difference

Assurance plays a vital role in restoring and maintaining public confidence in the world’s capital markets by providing an independent and reliable voice.

EY is one of the most trusted, respected and influential organisations in the industry. As an assurance professional here you’ll have access to world-class training and all the latest information. Your work will follow a consistent, globally recognised methodology, and you’ll use leading edge support tools. Our Assurance practice is built around our core audit delivery but also encompasses a wide range of assurance services included Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, Financial Accounting Advisory, Climate Change and Sustainability and Commodity Trading Risk Management.

Our audit based professionals have direct access to a huge variety of companies and government bodies and experience an introduction to business which is difficult to match. The opportunity to develop as an individual within audit means the experience you gain is unrivalled from day one. We help our clients by providing assurance to key stakeholders, helping to create the confidence which enables those businesses to trade successfully and grow globally, or for public sector organisations to continue to provide their public services. Identifying opportunities for those businesses to improve through enhanced risk management, better processes and procedures or through operational efficiencies broadens the experience for everyone and also provides significant added value to our clients.

Your aim: to provide peace of mind to our clients by using your skills and experience to give companies, investors, the public and regulators confidence in financial statements, business critical information or processes and offer accounting solutions.

What will my day be like in Audit?

EY will take you further, faster so you’ll be making a difference to our clients' businesses right from the start. In your first year, you’ll focus on obtaining a thorough grasp of our unique audit approach. You’ll work with a variety of clients in order to understand what we do and how different strands of our business work together to benefit our clients.

By delving into our clients' work processes, we come to know their performance strengths and vulnerabilities. As a result, we help our clients see how they can improve their business - and often, how we can assist them. So it's not surprising that many of our longest-standing and most complex business relationships are with our audit clients.

Whichever entry point you choose you will have the opportunity to gain exposure to both Core Audit and Government and Public Sector Audit and will have the ability to specialise further in either after 3 years.

What training and development will I receive in my first few years?

As well as working, you will study towards a Chartered Accountancy qualification with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) or the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW).

School leavers join straight from school following completion of A-Levels or Scottish Highers and spend 5 years on the programme - Our students based in England will complete a CFAB qualification leading to full qualification through the ICAEW. Students working in our Scottish offices will study ICAS.

As well as your professional training, you'll also develop essential know-how through a range of activities. Over the years you may experience web-based learning, shadowing senior colleagues and team members, secondments (internal, with clients, or overseas) and training courses with our in-house experts. You'll be assigned a counsellor on day one who'll work closely with you to identify your strengths and help you grow in your career.

What opportunities will Audit open up?

Our expectations are high: we believe most graduates joining Assurance Services will become senior managers, directors and partners – we're looking specifically for the business and market leaders of the future. We're looking ahead and we believe the work and training you do in your first few years lays the groundwork for a fast moving, high-potential career with us.

We place particular emphasis on talent for leadership and strong commercial sense. To further these, we've created a structure that allows people here to realise their potential at the earliest stage in their career, taking their career further, faster. A key requirement will be to demonstrate success in completing high-quality audits for our clients and winning new work for the firm. At first you’ll work on, then later lead, proposals to prospective new clients, showing a strong grasp of their business and potential in the market.

We'll give you responsibility at the earliest possible moment – as soon as you're ready for it. As you progress, your familiarity with – and comprehension of – clients will mean you work closely with them and other colleagues to design business solutions. We're looking for individuals willing to exceed our high expectations, and those of our clients. You'll receive world-class training and coaching by experienced staff at every stage of your career. And in due course, we'll look to you to pass your knowledge on to less experienced members of your team to help them take their career further, faster.

What are my options when I apply?

You can start your Audit career in various locations throughout the UK. You will have the opportunity to work with a broad portfolio of clients across various industry sectors.

Entry requirements:

For Graduates

You are eligible to apply for this programme if you are studying for an honours degree or have graduated with an honours degree.

For School leavers

To be eligible for our schools leaver programme you should be studying A levels, Scottish Highers, or equivalent.

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