Assurance/Government Public Sector (Summer Internship)

EY Graduates
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The Role:

A unique opportunity to undertake a combination of experiences in our GPS team in the South region together with our London audit team.  As part of this summer internship experience you will spend approximately 4 weeks working across the Government & Public Sector client base and approximately 2 weeks working on London audit clients.  This is a unique opportunity to see two different parts of the Assurance practice in one combined internship experience.

What is Audit – Government & Public Sector (GPS)?

GPS is a specialist team within Audit Assurance, dealing specifically with clients in Government and the Public Sector. Our primary clients are in Local Government and the NHS.  These include County Councils, District Councils, Police, Fire, Hospital Trusts and Clinical Commissioning groups - all of which are involved in providing frontline services to the public. Therefore everything you do or use on a daily basis is provided by the clients we support - roads, schools and education, leisure facilities, care, doctors, hospitals, refuse collection, planning applications - the list is broad.  GPS is a new growth area for EY so you'll have the opportunity to play a part in growing the business, ensuring you gain excellent learning and development experiences.  It's a great role as you will still get exposure to learn and understand our corporate audits as well as specialising.

What will my day be like in GPS?

Our audit teams work at our clients’ sites, understanding their business and their key financial systems. We audit their annual financial statements and the grant funding they receive for specific services, such as Council Tax support. You will be a part of the audit team performing this work. This will involve understanding how the financial systems operate, and testing that controls within those systems are working. You will audit specific aspects of the financial statements, ensuring that those statements correctly reflect the financial transactions that have taken place in the year. This will involve testing those statements and balances to ensure we have confidence they are right.  As it is public money that is being used to provide the services, our responsibility and a key part of your role is to ensure it is being used correctly.

Our teams are multi-disciplinary – depending if you join as a graduate, summer intern or school leaver will determine the complexity of the work we ask you to carry out within a supportive team environment and you will be on differently structured development programmes.

What training and development will I receive in the first few years?

A key stepping stone in your first years with the firm is the Chartered Accountancy qualification where you'll work towards membership of the ICAEW.  The exams are front loaded to speed your career progression, so you'll spend a significant amount of time studying for and sitting these exams during your first year.

You'll also complete two papers of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) in conjunction with the ICAEW qualification and become eligible for membership of both institutes.

As well as your professional training, you'll also develop essential know-how through diverse activities.  These will include web-based learning, shadowing senior colleagues and team members, secondments and residential training course with our in-house experts.  You'll be assigned a counsellor on day one who will work closely with you to identify your strengths and help you grow in your career.

What opportunities could GPS open up?

You will be a specialist in GPS Audit and have all the skills and experience to work across the assurance sector into corporate audits.  We believe most graduates and school leavers joining our assurance services will go on to become senior managers, directors and partners – we are looking specifically for the business and market leaders of the future.

What are my options when I apply?

You can start your career in GPS Audit in our Central London, Cambridge, North London (Luton), Reading or Southampton offices.

Entry requirements for Summer Internships

  • Grade B or above for GCSE in Mathematics and English (or equivalent);
  • At least 300 (24) UCAS points (excluding general studies and re-sits);
  • At least a 2.1 (predicted) in any degree discipline.

Please note: Given the nature of the services we provide to clients in the area of Government and Public Sector, it is imperative that our clients have confidence in the integrity and reputation of all our staff.   In order to complete client work of a particular type, staff will need to undergo background security checks by a third party.  You will be required to undertake a baseline security check to allow standard access across the client base.

In exceptional circumstances we will accept applications from candidates who do not meet our academic requirements. If this is your case, you will need to provide strong justification for why we should consider your application. You will also need to provide documentary evidence of any mitigating circumstances.

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