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Helpful conversations and dedicated support

Coaching provides open, honest conversations between people at all levels throughout our organization. This ranges from daily informal on-the-job discussions, through project feedback and periodic formal performance reviews.

You'll work closely with your coach who'll put time and effort into becoming an expert in you and your career development. They'll  encourage your learning and development, and help you to consider new ideas and challenges to ensure a stimulating and evolving career.

You'll progress fast here because we provide our people with the highest quality feedback and support. We have increased our investment in formal coaching and we also appoint coaching champions to create programs and give feedback to leadership.

Our mentoring program offers a chance for a combination of formal, structured conversations and less formal, ad-hoc contact. And as your experience here grows, you'll be able to pass your own knowledge on to new starters.

On-the-job coaching

CareersOn-the-job coaching helps you gain a broader perspective, increase clarity and address particular issues and challenges.

This practical, ongoing learning will improve your performance and help you get things right, the first time. Working with a colleague who can coach you on a work-related issue will often help you gain deeper insight into your own performance. It's one of the best ways to gain   practical knowledge that you'll use time and time again.

Counseling – performance reviews

Careers Performance conversations allow you and your coach to look back and evaluate your performance by bringing together and considering multiple views. They're an excellent way to identify where to focus your development efforts, and it means you'll get to apply your new skills to client engagements, which benefits everyone.


14H04038_RFMentoring provides support, insights and practical advice on a variety of professional development and career topics. At EY, we encourage our experienced professionals to provide mentoring to less experienced colleagues, through initiatives such as the Career Advisor program.