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Learn the way that works for you

There are two parts to our global learning curriculum. The first is designed to build your general business skills and acumen. The second is about constantly refreshing and enhancing your technical skills across our service lines so you can provide an improved service and form even better client relationships.

Aside from business skills, you’ll learn much about building relationships and leading people too — and those abilities are every bit as important for your career. We have a reputation for creating outstanding leaders, who have the knowledge and ethical framework to deliver exceptional results.

We currently offer more than 16,000 courses on our learning management system. Much of the learning we offer is web-based and it can be tailored to suit both your practical needs and the direction your career is headed.

You’ll also have a chance to participate in a number of milestone learning events to mark your progress, from Welcome to EY as a new joiner to the New Partner Program.