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In Operational Research we bring our expertise to help clients make the best possible strategic and operational decisions by developing and implementing operational research models. Many organisations regard this as integral to the decision-making process. Very soon after joining us, you’ll work on projects covering a variety of industries and countries. We encounter a wide range of different types of project in every industry sector. At EY you’ll find yourself using any of the full range of operational research techniques across optimisation, simulation and general scenario modelling. Projects may focus on any element of the client's business, whether supporting strategic, tactical or operational decisions in such areas as manpower/physical asset planning and scheduling, capacity planning, bottleneck identification and removal, network and supply chain optimisation. The vast majority of EY projects result in models being handed over to the client so that they can run their business in a better way long after the project has been completed.

What will my day be like in Operational Research?

You'll be adding value to client projects by applying your modelling skills immediately on joining. Guided by its senior members, you'll work in a team to create operational research and decision support models to solve clients' problems. These could be in any sector; over your first years you can expect to complete different types of projects, improving businesses and lives in many industries.

You'll work directly with clients' staff at their premises as well as in EY offices.

You'll contribute throughout modelling assignments: defining requirements; designing, putting together and implementing models; and training users.

You'll also support senior staff in the sales process, for example in building demonstration models or contributing to proposals.

What training and development will I receive in my first few years?

We may offer to support you in the accreditation process of the Operational Research Society, although this position does not require you to register for any external professional qualifications.

The bulk of your professional technical growth will happen on engagements, working with clients and guided by more experienced members of the team.

Our structure encourages people to realise their potential at the earliest moment in their career, and progress towards partnership as rapidly as they can. You will be trained and encouraged to increase your responsibilities as soon as you have demonstrated your ability to do so, and you can expect to be out on client site almost immediately on joining.

What opportunities will Operational Research open up?

As you become more seasoned you'll take on more responsibilities to make a real difference to our clients. We like you to lead teams and coach less experienced staff as soon as you feel you can, later assuming the role of counsellor to new starters.

What are my options when I apply?

Our opportunities in Operational Research are based in our London office.

Entry requirements:

You are eligible to apply for this programme if you are studying for an honours degree in Mathematics or a mathematical focused subject with a strong Operational Research component or alternatively an MSc in Operational Research or have graduated with an honours degree or MSc in mathematics or a mathematical focused subject with a strong Operational Research component

The application form for this particular position will ask you some additional questions to ascertain your interest. Only candidates who can demonstrate this interest will be progressed to the next stage.

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