London Ventures

EY - Exceptional Extras, January-June 2014
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Transforming public services delivery

Delivered by London Councils and powered by EY, London Ventures brings innovative private and third sector solutions to the public sector.

The products and services in our Venture portfolio all aim to improve outcomes for London residents and use cutting-edge technology and innovation to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public services. 

Our team assesses each venture to ensure it is suitable for public sector implementation. We then identify opportunities for local authorities to use solutions to achieve savings, increase investment and deliver better outcomes for Londoners.

By partnering with these new concepts, London Ventures instils a collaborative approach in public service delivery. It helps local authorities work together, using their combined weight to drive better commercial deals with suppliers, and encourages cross-sector partnerships that drive positive outcomes for local authorities, suppliers and investors alike.

London Ventures is overseen by the Capital Ambition Board, a member-led governance board that represents all 32 London boroughs and the City of London. For more information please explore the navigation bar to the left.

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