In utilities we trust?

All a customer wants

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Customers want, and need, to trust their energy supplier to deliver predictable results and serve their best interests in a number of areas.

Energy supply

All consumers want a safe, reliable energy supply, with any issues resolved quickly and smoothly. In the UK, supply is no longer a problem, and therefore not a differentiator for suppliers, but how they deal with customer issues is a different matter.

This brings us to prices and billing. Customers want to be confident they are not paying more than they need to for energy, and that bills are always accurate. However, the behaviour of some suppliers leads them to ask serious questions about whether they can be trusted.

Examples vary from inaccurate bills and tariffs offered only to new customers or those threatening to leave, through to ever-increasing prices while providers announce record profits, and allegations of wholesale price fixing and mis-selling.

Last but not least, the issue of helpful and straightforward support. Common complaints include complex and confusing processes when moving home, long waiting times when trying to contact their supplier, and poorly devised online services that do not help them manage energy usage.

It’s clear that without an operating model and the capabilities that enable consistent customer service delivery, users are questioning their energy retailers’ intentions and motives.