Powering the UK 2012

Regional strength

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Economic benefits from the sector's activities are widely distributed across the UK. Helping the regions and nations grow.

The Energy sector's contribution to regional development is particularly important. It has shown particular resilience in most regions during the recession, and is one of only a few sectors to show an increase in jobs when unemployment was on the generally rise.


The sector can be said to be ‘sharing the wealth’, and contributes more, relatively, to many UK regions than most other sectors of the economy.

In regions where it contributed less to the economy, such as the East, London and the North West, there was a decline or no change in contribution between 2008 and 2009.

In contrast, those with a bigger power and gas sector, like the East Midlands and South West, saw its contribution to their local economy increase.

The trend indicates a shift towards the development of 'regional hubs' focusing more on the sector, using investments in physical energy assets, like power stations, as a basis for local economic growth.

Conversely, the economic benfits from the sector are not concentrated, but widely distributed across the country.

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