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Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction Transaction Advisory services

Real estate is playing a material part in the recovery of the UK economy, with both local and foreign investors eager to acquire UK real estate.

To date, the recovery has largely centred on London and the South East, with investors and lenders competing to secure limited stock. Not surprisingly, values in the capital have surged because of the limited supply, fierce competition and increasing availability of attractively priced debt.

As a result, investors and lenders seeking more attractive returns are increasingly targeting opportunities outside London, or those more secondary or operational in nature.

Whilst activity in these markets remains relatively subdued, this is beginning to change as returns on prime investments are driven even lower, and debt funds, which have been accumulating portfolios over the last three to five years, step up levels of divestment activity.

Within this context, corporates operating in the UK find themselves under ever-increasing pressure to maximise return on capital, and ensure their real estate holdings are fit for purpose and align with their strategic objectives. In so doing, they are helping further drive investment activity by either letting or vacating space, acquiring assets or divesting.

Our deep sector knowledge, extensive contact base, broad experience and vast resources, make EY perfectly positioned to support our diverse network of clients with all aspects of their real estate transactions, whether as corporate finance adviser providing lead M&A or capital raising services, or by providing Restructuring, Valuation or Transaction Support services.

Find out more about the services we offer:

  • Real Estate Corporate Finance

    Our Corporate Finance team is made up of investment bankers, surveyors, financial modellers, commercial bankers and accountants. Their knowledge and experience make us robust advisors, and we excel by innovating and collaborating with our clients.

    We help on a range of issues, including:

    • Joint venture structuring
    • M&A lead advisory
    • Real estate restructuring
    • Loan portfolio advisory
    • Capital raising
    • Debt Advisory.

    Find out more about our service offering.


    EY - Fraser Greenshields Fraser Greenshields
    Head of Real Estate Corporate Finance
    +44 (0)20 7951 7151

  • Transaction Support

    In the current market, where transactions can be difficult to find, finance and close, our sector knowledge and network of investors have given us a reputation for delivering results in sometimes new and testing circumstances.

    Our real estate transactions services help companies along the transaction life cycle’s three stages: acquire, hold and exit.

    Acquire: real estate property / portfolio due diligence
    We support acquisitions by executing real estate due diligence, which helps you determine acquisition price, timing, liabilities and other key issues.

    Hold: real estate value creation
    We help you determine how to create value within a real estate portfolio and then help execute that plan. This often begins with a diagnostic assessment aimed at identifying opportunities.

    Exit: sell-side assistance
    We help prepare real estate for either a sale in whole, or to carve out an entity for sale. We often perform a diagnostic assessment as a first step, to help decide preparatory action.


    Real Estate and Construction

    EY - Richard Hall Richard Hall
    +44 (0)20 7951 6478



    EY - Christian Mole Christian Mole
    Executive Director
    +44 (0)20 7951 3034

  • Real Estate Valuations

    We value real estate assets held as investments, for owner occupation, as going concerns (eg, hotels, pubs, casinos, nursing homes, student accommodation, private schools and hospitals), including Investment Properties Under Construction (IPUC) for both residential and commercial development opportunities, and long leasehold interests.

    Our teams are experienced in using internationally recognised valuation software, including Argus ‘Capitalisation’, ‘DCF’, ‘Developer’ and ‘Enterprise’ (formerly ‘Dyna’), as well as building bespoke valuation models in Excel.


    EY - Mark Gerold Mark Gerold
    Valuation Advisory Services
    +44 (0)20 7951 6793

  • Loan Portfolio Solutions

    The financial crisis has put ‘deleveraging’ at the centre of many financial institutions’ agendas. Transactions emerging from this are often complex and significant in value, and require deep financial expertise to deliver value for both vendors and purchasers.

    Our Loan Portfolio Solutions team provide solutions in these transactions. The team includes individuals with expertise across multiple asset classes grouped into three categories: real estate, retail and corporate; and an in-depth understanding of complex financial instruments and deal structures.


    EY - Mathieu Roland-Billecart Mathieu Roland-Billecart
    Corporate Finance
    +44 (0)20 7951 5206


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