31 January 2013 | InterContinental Hotel, Park Lane, London

EY Real Estate and Hotels Workshops

‘Setting a course for the future’

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There is a growing mood of optimism in the real estate sector, with 2013 expected to bring increasing activity in traditional and new types of deal flow.

How market participants can best capitalize on these opportunities was top of mind at EY’s seventh annual Real Estate Workshop, one of our largest gatherings of senior real estate executives.

The workshop attracted professionals from all areas of the real estate sector, including owners, developers, institutional investors, lenders and corporate occupiers. Presentations, discussions and debates shared market insights drawn from EY professionals and industry leaders.

Putting strategy into action, embracing social enterprise and continuing to apply real estate fundamentals (whether doing business in established or emerging markets) are just some of the key conference themes captured in this report.


  • Eighty-six percent of real estate professionals are in buying mode in 2013 — after several years of defensiveness and austerity, deal activity looks set to increase, and the time has come to put growth strategies into action.
  • By embracing concepts of social enterprise and seeking to build environments that support thriving communities, the real estate sector could generate enhanced returns.
  • London continues to attract investment from around the world, but developers and investors need to understand the detailed market conditions that prevail within the “villages” that make up the city as a whole.
  • Emerging markets offer higher returns, but the additional risks can still create investment barriers. Nations hosting global sporting events have opportunities to present a positive image and direct investment toward local areas in need of regeneration.
  • Seventy-four percent of conference participants think deal flow in the European non- performing loans market will increase in 2013, with expectations particularly high for UK deals.



“The climate is looking more favorable for real estate investments. Transaction volumes look set to rise in 2013.”

Ad Buisman
EMEIA Real Estate Leader, EY

"There are a lot of new and interesting trends in real estate, and the market feels like it's coming back to life after a very difficult five-year period."

Howard Roth
Global Real Estate Leader, EY