Audit Committee Programme

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Support for Audit Committee Members

The Audit Committee (AC) Programme is a specialist programme catering for FTSE 350 Audit Committee members that focuses on the technical and business issues facing AC members.

It includes:

  • technical workshops
  • discussion events
  • reports, tools and news updates tailored for the audit committee.

Assessing the performance of the audit committee: a checklist (January 2014)

This checklist (921K, January 2014) can be used by audit committees to review current activities against the Financial Reporting Council's (FRC’s) Guidance on Audit Committees, which was revised in September 2012, and identifies practices which could be improved. Boards may also find it useful as part of their audit committee effectiveness review.

EY Center for Board Matters

The Center for Board Matters is committed to bringing together and engaging with boards, audit committee members and investors to exchange ideas and insights. Find out more.

  • Board Matters Quarterly: Read the latest issue of Board Matters Quarterly and see our archive
  • Board Directors’ Forum: EY is exclusive sponsor of the Board Directors’ Forum, in partnership with Bloomberg Media. Access the digital hub and read the latest news for board directors.

Independent Intelligence

Our biannual publication for the independent director community with the latest news, views and updates for IDs on corporate governance, reporting and the broader business agenda, both from within EY and external experts. View the latest issue.

Governance and reporting

Read the latest governance and reporting updates from our Regulatory and Public Policy team, including our regular bulletin Corporate Governance Update.

Audit Committee Bulletin

The Audit Committee Bulletin covers issues audit committee chairs of leading European companies are discussing with their EY advisors. Find out more.

Point of view

Find out EY’s perspective on issues of importance for audit committees. Read the latest issue, which focusses on enhancing audit committee transparency.

CFO and Beyond: the possibilities and pathways outside Finance

Our global study explores the unprecedented demand for CFOs to take on roles additional to their job as finance leader. Find out more.

EY ITEM Club UK economic forecast

EY ITEM Club is the only non-governmental economic forecasting group to use HM Treasury’s model of the UK economy. ITEM’s forecasts are independent of any political, economic or business bias, providing an impartial benchmark for other private and public economic forecasts. Read the latest forecast.

Reporting magazine

Reporting brings together insights and ideas which will interest and inform business executives involved in reporting in its broadest sense. Read the latest issue and view our archive.

Capital Insights

A quarterly publication focusing on managing capital in the current economic and regulatory climate.

Performance magazine

Provides valuable insight and analysis for business professionals. Also available on iPad and iPhone.


Our tax insights for business leaders.

UK profit warnings

Quarterly insight into the key issues surrounding warning companies.

UK Attractiveness Survey

EY’s attractiveness surveys are widely recognised as a key source of insight on foreign direct investment (FDI). Examining the attractiveness of a particular region or country as an investment destination, they are designed to help businesses make investment decisions, and governments to remove barriers to future growth. Find out more.