2013 Scotland attractiveness survey

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Key messages

In 2012 Scotland attracted 76 global Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects – its highest total for 15 years. The figures show Scotland is continuing to punch above its weight in an increasingly competitive market.

  • The number of jobs created by FDI was down, but this compares to a small increase in FDI-related jobs in the UK as a whole. If it wasn’t for a large automotive project in the north west of England where existing operations were expanded, Scotland would have topped the job table for a third consecutive year.
  • Scotland remains more reliant on US investment than the UK as a whole.
  • More work must be done to attract investment from the emerging economies.
  • Scotland’s reputation for manufacturing excellence endures.
  • The debate surrounding Scotland’s constitutional future hasn’t so far acted as a barrier to investment, and Scotland’s voice continues to be clearly heard by investors.