The EY Scottish ITEM Club

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The EY Scottish ITEM Club is an extension of the UK ITEM Club, focused entirely on the Scottish economy. The ITEM Club is the only economic forecasting group to use the HM Treasury model of the UK economy. Its forecasts are independent of any political, economic or business bias.

EY Scottish ITEM Club Summer Update 2017

Summer Update 2017

2017 set to be another year of below par growth in Scotland.

EY Scottish ITEM Club Forecast 2017

2017 Forecast

Slower economic growth expected for Scotland over the next couple of years.

EY Scottish ITEM Club Summer update 2016

Summer update 2016

Scotland’s economic growth in 2016 is predicted to be the poorest since 2012.

EY Scottish ITEM Club Forecast 2016

2016 Forecast

Scotland’s economic growth needs to find a better balance.

EY Scottish ITEM Club Summer Update 2015

Summer update 2015

Scotland’s economy off to a slow start in 2015, but solid prospects for the rest of the year.

EY Scottish ITEM Club Forecast 2015 print version

2015 Forecast

Scotland’s economy will continue to grow into 2015 following its strongest year since the financial crisis.

EY - Scottish ITEM Club summer update

Summer update 2014

EY Scottish ITEM Club upwardly adjusts its 2014 growth forecast in light of improved consumer confidence and an expected global economic upturn.

EY - Scottish ITEM Club forecast 2014

2014 Forecast

Scotland is enjoying its most sustained period of economic growth in three years, thanks in part to increased consumer spending.

ITEM Club Scotland summer forecast 2013

Summer Forecast 2013

An improving global picture has led the Scottish ITEM Club to adjust its 2013 growth forecast upward, with more growth expected for 2014 and beyond.

ITEM Club Scotland 2013

2013 Forecast

Scotland’s overall output decline of 4% over the past four years puts it on a par with the troubled Spanish economy.