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EY’s Export Roadmap

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At EY we are focused on helping our clients export or grow beyond traditional markets. Across all four service lines, we provide a range of services that support our clients at every stage of their journey, from those moving into new markets for the first time, to those already established overseas but looking to expand.

Our roadmap focuses on four key stages for successful exporting:

1. Understanding the opportunities
The decision to grow cross-border may not be right for every firm. As well as assessing customer reach and the existing market position in terms of objectives, capabilities and competition, the selection of the right new markets, including analysis of opportunities, potential rewards and possible threats, will be key.

2. Taking the decision
Once the key criteria have been identified, making a decision in terms of the right market and the right structure is critical in the move to growing a business cross-border.

3. Making it happen
Once a decision to grow cross-border has been made, careful planning and implementation can make the difference between success and failure. Operational agility and decisions about organisational structure, financial strategies and talent management can all have a significant impact.

4. Maximising the returns
Once established in a new market, identifying opportunities to expand will be an important step in securing growth. Maximising market share and gaining a deeper understanding of local markets and key competitors will be key. Regular reviews of business strategy including structures, supply chains, talent management, competitive position and cost effectiveness, will highlight efficiencies and opportunities and help refine operation.