Retreat Highlights 2013

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In May 2013, EY hosted its fourteenth annual IPO Retreat at The Oakley Court in Windsor.

To get an insight into the key messages and highlights of the Retreat,  please view our presentation clips, photographs and interviews with our guest speakers.

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IPO Retreat 2013

The event was attended by CEO’s and CFO’s from 26 companies who are considering an IPO over the coming one to three years.

Our IPO Retreat was a two-day event, aimed at demystifying the IPO process. The attendees were able to hear first-hand from our guest speakers Peter George, CEO, Clinigen Group and Peter Bergin, CFO, Crest Nicholson, both of whose companies managed to list successfully in the past year.  We heard their stories about what was involved on a personal and company level.

It was encouraging and educational to hear their journey and their views in believing that taking the IPO route was the right decision in support of the growth strategy for their companies.

As well as presentations from CEOs and CFOs, we also heard from advisors, fund managers and non-executive directors. The common themes discussed in the presentations included:

  • Why float?
  • Getting ready: IPO Readiness
  • Pricing and timing your IPO
  • IPO Communications  - building reputation and enhancing value
  • Getting your house in order - a legal perspective
  • Insights from a fund manager

We have run these retreats for the last eight years during buoyant and turbulent market conditions as there has always been demand from companies considering an IPO as a growth option.

We continue to hold these retreats as our research show that the attendees find this a valuable fact-finding mission on the IPO process.

In addition, it enables the EY IPO team to get closer to the real issues that CEOs and CFOs face themselves and for their companies in these challenging times.

"I thought it was a first class event packed full of knowledge and experience and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any organisation reviewing this route. It certainly opened my mind to all the issues."

“An excellent opportunity away from the office to consider the issues, learn about the IPO process and discover the hurdles. Very worthwhile attending!”

“Well-structured sessions, clear and concise presentations, with ‘real-life’ insights.”

“Ernst & Young events are superb!”