Governance and reporting

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Investors, regulators and wider society are increasingly demanding greater corporate transparency.

Against a background of regulatory, legislative and political change, EY is here to help. We have extensive reporting and corporate governance knowledge and experience.

In these pages you can find our extensive collateral on governance and reporting matters.

  • Corporate Governance and Reporting

    Our UK Corporate Governance team provides guidance and thought leadership on governance issues to help our clients, and contribute to wider discussions on good governance, based on our research and engagement with investors, boards and regulators.

    We are actively engaged in shaping dialogue on corporate governance in the UK, as increasingly rapid change to the world and business environment will mean future shifts in governance practice and regulation.

    Find out more about our team and access all our thought leadership.
  • Audit Committee

    If you are you a member of a FTSE 350 audit committee, why not join our Audit Committee Programme? The programme focuses on the technical and business issues facing audit committee members today. Find out more.

  • Independent Directors

    Are you an independent director? Why not join one of our Independent Director Programmes designed to help independent directors through the technical and regulatory challenges they face. Find out more.

  • Policy Pulse

    Read Policy Pulse for EY’s overview of regulatory and public policy developments facing you and your business in the areas of reporting, auditing and governance.