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Corporate Governance and Reporting

Corporate governance is central to the strength and health of our global economy.

EY’s UK Corporate Governance team provides guidance and thought leadership on governance issues to help our clients, and to contribute to wider discussions on good governance, based on our research and engagement with investors, boards and regulators.

Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled, and is never far from the spotlight, particularly in the UK’s present political landscape. We are actively engaged in shaping dialogue on corporate governance in the UK, as increasingly rapid change to the world and business environment will mean future shifts in the practice and regulation of governance.


Corporate governance in 2016: what might 2017 hold in store?

Mala Shah-Coulon writes the first blog in our new series, reviewing the previous year’s impact on corporate governance and issues facing boards in 2017.

In the media

Accounting & Business Magazine (ACCA)
November 2016

Climb beyond the plateau uses findings from Annual reporting in 2015: evolving communication in a changing world, with views from Hywel Ball, to comment on stagnation in the evolution of corporate reporting.

ICAS – CA Today
October 2016

FTSE 350 reports still 'disappointing', say EY highlights of the key messages from our September 2016 report, Annual reporting in 2015: evolving communication in a changing world.

Ethical Boardroom
August 2016

Written by Mala Shah-Coulon, Coming out of the shadows discusses how nomination committees are becoming broader, more rigorous and more proactive in their role.

Accountancy Age
September 2016

FTSE 350 annual reports show minor improvements includes key messages from Annual reporting in 2015: evolving communication in a changing world with views from Mala Shah-Coulon and Hywel Ball.

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