Oxford is the EV capital of Europe

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Lorna Pimlott, EY’s Head of Electric Vehicles & Infrastructure said: “It’s very encouraging to see that Oxford is playing such a leading role in promoting the acceleration of Electric Vehicles (EV) in the UK.

“However, the overall EV market still has a long way to go, with infrastructure being only one barrier for consumers. The biggest challenge by far is that the vehicles are in scarce supply which results in prices remaining high and beyond the reach of most households. It’s also important to ensure we continue to listen to what consumers are telling us and this clearly points to the demand to charge EVs predominately at home rather than at public charging points, which are more for an emergency top-up.

“We are at a significant crossroad for this industry with current petrol prices remaining at a record high forcing some households off the road. What we really need to see now is the automotive, infrastructure, technology and utility sectors working more collaboratively, to reduce the overall cost of EV ownership, so as to encourage mass market appeal for cash strapped drivers.”