Increasing digital inclusion is fundamental to increasing financial inclusion

14 April 2014

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Omar Ali, UK banking and capital markets leader, commenting on the Government Digital Inclusion Strategy, says:

"Increasing digital inclusion within some of the poorest and most socially excluded segments of the UK population will allow the financial services industry to offer a better service to more people, many of whom are struggling to remain connected as the non-digital channels they use take a back seat.

"A lot of people take the variety of digital channels available today for granted, but there is still a considerable number who are not using online or mobile channels to manage their finances. This policy paper could help to enable such people to access a wide variety of products and services that are currently only available to the digitally-savvy.

"With spates of local branch closures and many traditional banking activities, such as cheques, dying out, empowering people with the knowledge and skills to manage their finances online is an important step forward. It is fundamental for financial inclusion that people are not left behind as the age of technology advances, and a push for greater digital inclusion will ensure the financial services industry offers the widest choice and a quality service for everyone.

"Greater digital inclusion will also make it easier for banks to effectively identify and pro-actively assist those who find themselves in financial difficulty, and to offer the best products at the best price."