EY comments on the EU’s backing of the ‘right to be forgotten’

13 May 2014

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Mark Brown, Director of Information Security at EY, comments on the EU’s backing of the ‘right to be forgotten’

"Today’s ruling from The European Union Court of Justice is a significant one and will give many businesses a severe headache to respond to. We are now finally seeing regulators playing catch up on privacy laws which have historically fallen behind the significant advances in technology - leading to wide-spread consumer data collection by businesses. 

"The announcement fundamentally changes how companies collect, aggregate, store, retain and ultimately dispose of consumer data and has significant implications. At present, most businesses cannot confidently say what data they hold on a consumer and what they have done with this data. There are a number of reasons for this complacency including the rise in companies that outsource data collection which complicates the supply chain.

"We would not be surprised if businesses are quaking in their boots at the thought of responding to a consumer ‘right be to be forgotten’ request. Ultimately, many have very little understanding of their own IT architecture which means compliance with this announcement would be very difficult until processes are changed.

"This announcement shows the EU believes end users should have control of their data. It is a very loud wake up call to all those businesses that are hovering up consumer data and hoarding it for their own benefit. "