EY comments on the future use of 700 MHz band

28 May 2014

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Adrian Baschnonga, Lead Telecommunications at EY, comments on the future use of 700 MHz band:

"Ofcom's latest proposals regarding the repurposing of 700 MHz spectrum come at a time when demand for mobile broadband has never been higher. Spectrum is both a finite resource and the lifeblood for a range of industry players. The latest consultation is good news for mobile operators who are currently facing the prospect of ongoing network investment to meet demand for mobile broadband.

“Mobile data will be the leading driver of future spectrum needs and the regulator will face a difficult task balancing the needs of the mobile industry with other spectrum users, such as the digital TV industry. At the same time, the task of repurposing spectrum for mobile broadband stretches well beyond the 700 MHz band. Looking ahead, approaches to spectrum management must provide a flexible framework that can adapt to evolving demand scenarios while accommodating international spectrum issues.”