Service quality is "pain point" for many mobile users - EY comments on Ofcom research

13 August 2014

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Adrian Baschnonga, Lead Telecommunications Analyst at EY, comments on Ofcom research published today on mobile phone call quality:

"Despite high take-up rates for smart devices, service quality is a pain point for many end users. Poor reception is a very real problem, affecting up to 30% of mobile users at least once a week, while dropped calls affect more than 1 in 5 users on a weekly basis. These findings suggest that high levels of population coverage does not necessarily translate into reliable network performance for many customers.

"While state funding continues to address coverage issues, it is clear that guaranteeing basic connectivity remains a tall order for the industry at large. Coupled with growing demand for reliable mobile data services, operators face a challenge improving both signal reach and quality against a backdrop of rising customer expectations."