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Read more  Strong increase in mortgage approvals as first time buyers rush to beat expiration of stamp duty holiday 

Read more Global renewable energy market faces challenging times, with significant consolidation forecast 

Read more Cautious optimism from AIM’s miners, after a ‘value destructive’ year – EY's Mining Eye Index 

Read more Credit squeeze to intensify across Europe as rising defaults force banks on a diet 

Read more Chances of technical recession seem lower but recovery is likely to be slow and patchy - ITEM Club 

Read more MPC minutes suggest the worst is behind us - ITEM Club 

Read more The government is well on track to undershoot the OBR's target - ITEM Club comments on public sector finances data 

Read more Oil and gas majors sharpen their claws 

Read more Retail sales figures are 'bolt from the blue' says ITEM Club 

Read more Risk investment levels closely linked to financial performance 

Read more ITEM Club comments on today's Bank of England Inflation report 

Read more Labour market outlook remains pretty dismal, with unemployment expected to reach 9.3% next spring – ITEM Club 

Read more Inflation is likely to be back below target by early autumn - ITEM Club 

Read more A good degree won’t guarantee you a job, it’s a question of attitude, says EY 

Read more The MPC may be forced to turn to more unconventional policy tools to protect banks - ITEM Club 

Read more UK exporters must continue to focus efforts into faster growing emerging nations - ITEM Club 

Read more Bank lending to contract for the first time since 2009 

Read more European insurers face ongoing capital challenges as they struggle to deliver top-line growth in 2012 

Read more Chances of avoiding a technical recession have risen significantly - ITEM Club comments on 'encouraging' PMI services figures 

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