Press Releases

February 2014

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Read more Companies finally taking the plunge with new investments - EY ITEM Club 
26 February 2014

Read more FMCG companies need to drive margins as economy turns 
24 February 2014

Read more UK renewables in a spin as market loses appeal in eyes of investors 
24 February 2014

Read more Fall in retail sales nothing to worry given Decembers sharp rise - EY ITEM Club 
21 February 2014

Read more EY World Mobile Congress 2014 predictions 
20 February 2014

Read more Mobile money set for new wave of growth but great consumer security and reduced complexity needed for success 
20 February 2014

Read more Plenty of life in labour market will be reflected in future wage growth recovery - EY ITEM Club 
19 February 2014

Read more Below target inflation provides continuing cover for rates to be kept on hold – EY ITEM Club 
18 February 2014

Read more EY hires Penney Frohling to lead UK Financial Services Strategy practice 
14 February 2014

Read more New output gap target is fraught with difficulties as unemployment link is scrapped - EY ITEM Club 
12 February 2014

Read more EY boosts forensic cybercrime team with high profile appointments 
11 February 2014

Read more EY ITEM Club FS Winter forecast: 2014 set to be real turning point for consumer credit 
10 February 2014

Read more Exports still failing to perform – EY ITEM Club 
7 February 2014

Read more EY comments on Mastercard’s decision to create contactless pay system 
6 February 2014

Read more Forward guidance will be laid to rest next week – EY ITEM Club 
6 February 2014

Read more EY signs Government commitment to employee well-being 
6 February 2014

Read more Companies need to tailor employment offerings in the BRICs to secure and keep top talent and increase competitive advantage 
5 February 2014

Read more Strong momentum in the largest sector of the economy – EY ITEM Club 
5 February 2014

Read more London’s housing market risks entering bubble territory, says EY ITEM Club Report 
3 February 2014

Read more Oil and Gas Eye: Capital imbalance forces junior oil and gas players to get creative 
3 February 2014