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July 2014

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Read more EY ITEM Club comments on today's borrowing figures
29 July 2014

Read more Profit warnings reach highest first half total since 2011, reveals EY
28 July 2014

Read more GDP figures: Despite economy regaining its pre-crises peak, the Q2 data is a touch disappointing - EY ITEM Club comments
25 July 2014

Read more Meagre growth in June disguises strongest quarterly growth in a decade…
24 July 2014

Read more EY Head of Retail comments on the ONS retail figures
24 July 2014

Read more One of the last unanimous votes for the MPC - EY ITEM Club comments
23 July 2014

Read more EY comment on today's CMA reports on competition for personal current accounts and SME banking
18 July 2014

Read more Strong jobs market, but weak wage growth will push back interest rate decision - EY ITEM Club comments
16 July 2014

Read more UK M&A value soars to highest level since 2008 as window of opportunity for transformative deals remains open for 2014
11 July 2014

Read more Leaving interest rates on hold is a no-brainer - EY ITEM Club comments on today's interest rate decision
10 July 2014

Read more EY announces a record 68 new equity Partners in the UK
10 July 2014

Read more The makers may have hit a hurdle - EY ITEM Club comments on today's industrial output figures
8 July 2014

Read more Britain embraces £1 billion-a-day digital banking “revolution”
8 July 2014

Read more Targeting investment where it is needed – EY comments on the Government’s new Growth Deal initiative
7 July 2014

Read more 'UK economy should finally exceed 2008 peak' - EY ITEM Club
3 July 2014

Read more 'Strongest output in a generation' – EY ITEM Club comments on today's PMI manufacturing figures
1 July 2014