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EY 2014 Kazakhstan attractiveness survey

2014 Kazakhstan Attractiveness Survey 2014

EY's 2014 Kazakhstan Attractiveness Survey reveals that the country’s “brand perception” is growing strong, while investor confidence in its potential is also at an all-time high.

EY Attractiveness survey Europe 2014 - Back in the game

2014 European Attractiveness Survey

The Eurozone's recession finally came to an end in the second quarter of 2013, businesses have begun to see growth and profits again, and boards are approving investment proposals.

EY 2014 Africa attractiveness survey

2014 Africa Attractiveness Survey

Our 2014 Africa Attractiveness Survey reveals a dramatic improvement in the continent’s perceived attractiveness, now at second place, and although FDI numbers paint a mixed picture, companies are successfully growing in Africa.

2014 UK attractiveness survey

2014 UK Attractiveness Survey

The UK put in an outstanding performance in 2013, attracting and securing FDI projects from across the world.

EY Capital Confidence Barometer - Greater China

Global Capital Confidence Barometer China October 2013

Slower economic expansion in China is driving the need for new growth strategies and highlighting conflicting sentiments about investment.

EY Rapid-growth markets forecast: July 2014

Rapid Growth Markets Forecast July 2014

Rising urbanisation and new technologies are key drivers for global growth. Despite the political risks and economic headwinds, most rapid-growth markets (RGMs) are poised for strong growth.

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