Fiduciary Management for UK Pension Schemes

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A fiduciary manager can play a significant role in assisting the trustees and sponsors of UK defined benefit pension schemes to meet their investment objectives. Indeed, a considerable market has developed in the UK in recent years to support trustees and sponsors in these more complex and challenging times. In considering the subject of fiduciary management further there are a number of questions to be addressed:

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EY - Fiduciary Management

We hope this website will provide trustees and sponsors with an initial grounding in the subject of fiduciary management. Our webcasts (please register on the right), surveys and insight articles (see download library) aim to support informed decision-making by developing this understanding further.

At EY, we have considerable experience in helping clients develop their strategic investment goals and understanding as to how these might be met by a fiduciary manager and then supporting the trustees and sponsors in the selection of a fiduciary manager and the subsequent monitoring of the fiduciary manager.